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Maddy’s Mighty Minions

Tomorrow, February 16, 2016, the mayor of Longmont will be declaring the day “Maddy’s Mighty Minions Day”minions


Tomorrow will mark 8 months since little Maddy died at the sweet little age of 8 from bone cancer.  Maddy and her family moved to Longmont last Spring only to find out just a few months later that Maddy had late stage bone cancer, she died just two weeks later.  I didn’t know Maddy and I do not know her family personally but I have followed their sad story in the paper, along with most people here in Longmont, and have found a great deal of inspiration in the lovely way they have dealt with the impossible. Maddy just really wanted everyone to be kind to one another, what a sweet and simple thing that we all teach our children but sometimes forget as adults.  A friend of the family started Maddy’s Mighty Minions as a way to invite everyone to do random acts of kindness in honor of this precious child.  So tomorrow, and any day, try to do something kind for a stranger. It can be a simple as letting someone in while driving or offering a smile to a homeless person.  If you need inspiration check out this page.  Take a picture of yourself being kind or just go to Maddy’s website and share your story.  Help us spread the word by sharing Maddy’s Facebook page.